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The Photo Frame Camera is a self-contained high definition with DVR cleverly concealed behind the selected picture, within a glass-fronted picture frame that would not look out of place in any living room or on an office desktop. Covert room video surveillance at its best!

Even in the modern world a favourite or special picture in a frame on a desk or on the side in a living room or maybe bedroom certainly does not seem out of place. The Photo Frame Camera was conceived with this in mind providing an everyday object in which hide a camera ‘in plain sight’ without arousing suspicion.

Photo Frame Camera – Exceptionally Covert Design

Just like our hidden audio recorders, covert camera systems are designed to be discreet, but in the case of the Photo Frame Camera, locating the camera, that is positioned in a dark area of the picture is almost impossible even under the closest of scrutiny. With the camera naturally viewing out of the front face of the picture frame through the glass, it is the ideal room surveillance device, which means that the product is able to neatly fit into many room environments without attracting any suspicion.

Multiple Recording and Memory Option

This camera system produces high quality, 720p HD video with audio and time/date stamping on the recorded footage, which is quite often crucial for evidential reasons. Although it is pre-programmed in through-the-lens motion activated mode, the unit can be easily setup to, scheduled and timed recording if required. The recording system also has an overwrite function for continuous recording with memory storage capacities of 32GB as standard or 64/128GB as a paid upgrade at time of purchase if required.

Battery Powered – Extended Recording Capability

The rechargeable batteries are sandwiched between the image and the back cover, so concealed from view. When fully charged the system has a straight recording time of up to 30 hours, however, the motion activation system will assist much longer deployment times of 2 to 3 days when placed in an area with less frequent activity. When triggered, the system will record for the period that there is movement within view of the camera. During extended times of activity recording of footage will autosave after 10 minutes and another recorded file will automatically commence with no gap. Recording in sections like this reduces the incidence of corrupted files and therefore makes the system more reliable. This internal battery is recharged using the supplied USB charging lead via computer or the mains power supply.

Automatic Low-Light Switching

One common shortfall of many covert camera systems is the ability to record in very low light conditions. The Photo Frame Camera system has an auto-switching capability that allows the system to record full colour during standard lighting conditions and then automatically change to monochrome (black and white) footage when the light fades or becomes particularly subdued. It should be noted that this does not mean that the camera can record in total darkness, just reduced lighting conditions.

Playback on Both Mac and Windows Computers

Along with our wifi spy cameras, offloading recorded video from the photo frame camera device memory is simple. Remove the back cover to reveal the operating system, switch off, then plug into a desktop PC or a Mac connecting the PCB USB port to a laptop computer, using the supplied USB wire and then offload the video onto the connected computer. Footage can then be played back onscreen generally using the standard preinstalled media player for the computer.

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