GPS Power Bank – 10400mAh



GPS Power bank presentation

The GPS Power bank is a real power bank, it works like it should and there are no changes to the case externally. We have retained the same Lithium ion cells that are inside.

Boasting a huge 10400mAh battery, that will charge your phone many times over, yet hidden inside is our GPS module.

You can track this GPS Power bank for many months. Charging is simple and you can remotely view the GPS Power bank being charged via the smartphone App and the PC platform.

Tracking live the GPS Power bank can be achieved from 5 seconds if required.

When the GPS Power bank is not being used, this will turn off, however our module stays connected, allowing you to track it whilst is not being used.

A simple yet powerful tracking solution.

Dimensions Battery Battery Life
105 x 80 x 22mm 10400mAh Up to 60 days (Depends on how the GPS Power bank is being used)

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