LawMate PV-AR300 Audio Recorder



The LawMate AR300 Audio Recorder has a simple one-button record function making its operation very straight forward and simple.

The internal rechargeable battery allows you to record for up to 7 hours continuously to its internal 4gb memory. Use the supplied USB cable and the AR300 recorder provides you fast USB download times to your computer. This is such a simple yet very effective surveillance device to capture Law Enforcement grade audio recordings that can be used as evidential material. This system is so covert you can pass it to someone and they would never know that it’s anything but your normal car key! The recorder can be carried with you everywhere so you can covertly record high quality audio whenever you want whether is be in cars, bars or restaurants or for personal note taking.

Simply attach the recorder to your key chain and never again be without a high-grade audio recorder. The PV-AR300 recorder is supplied with earphones permitting instant playback as well as a high-speed USB cable for transferring the recorded files to your computer.


  • Built-in AGC Microphone
  • Discreet design
  • Easy playback facility (with headphones)
  • LED Status Signal
  • 7 hours record time
  • MP3 File format


1 x AR300 audio recorder
1 x Stereo headphones
1 x USB Cable (data transfer / charge)

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