Junction Box WiFi Camera



This ordinary looking grey plastic junction box has a concealed high definition WiFi (IP) spy camera system within. Perfect for real time remote video (with audio) monitoring on your PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone and for recording for later review.

When it is essential to have high quality real time remote video monitoring then a WiFi (IP) camera system is the ideal choice. The Junction Box WiFi Camera system is designed to blend into an office or workshop environment to provide a discreet remote monitoring solution that has the facility to also record events for viewing at a later time.

Specialist Technical Knowhow Not Required

Suited for use in the office or maybe a workshop environment, after a simple set up procedure this WiFi motion-activated spy camera (with sound) does not need to remain hard-wired to an Ethernet port or to the WiFi Router because it communicates via the WiFi. This means that the Junction Box can be placed at your chosen location (wall or ceiling) as long as it is within the broadcast area for the WiFi network that it has been paired with. Getting started really is quite simple. Absolutely NO specialist technical knowledge is required and simple-to-follow instructions including video guides should get your camera unit ‘up and running’ in less than ten minutes. All that is required is a live mains power outlet at the location where you wish to position the camera system because this product has no backup battery.

High Definition Video – Remote Monitoring Worldwide

The system should never be compared to other cheaper, but inferior devices that give low quality imagery and severely reduced capabilities. Many other WiFi covert cameras produce pixelated video footage and many will only allow remote monitoring of what the camera is viewing within the broadcast area of the same paired WiFi signal. This invariably means that it is only possible to remotely view from the next room or maybe the next floor of a building, both of which will prove extremely restrictive. Our WiFi camera units produce high definition video (with audio) and can be remotely viewed on a Windows computer, Mac Tablet device or Smartphone many thousands of miles away and of course from next door if so desired (an Internet / data connection is needed for the receiving device).

Discreetly Design and Functionality

The pinhole surveillance camera is installed in the front face of the junction box in the black coloured area of the sticker. This ensures that it is both in the correct position to have a full view of the environment in which it has been placed and the spy camera lens is also very difficult to spot even under close examination of this area of the junction box. And because the entire WiFi video surveillance system is cleverly installed within the box cavity there are no giveaway external signs that would draw attention. In addition the system has no external flashing lights and does not produce any sounds that would arouse suspicion.

Motion Activated Recording – Slick Monitoring Software

The remote viewing console for the system simple to use and the software supplied is easy to install on a Windows or Mac computer. On the computer remote setup can be altered such as setting up motion activated recording. When the system detects motion a notification email is sent and video recording commences either onto the internal memory or paired computer. Not only can the WiFi cam be remotely viewed on a computer, but it can also be monitored on an iPhone or Android phone. Remotely view ‘live’ footage and record using these smartphones if required. The Junction Box WiFi Camera has 32GB internal flash memory storage, although you can select 64gb or 128GB at checkout as a cost option.

Easily Blends Into Surroundings

It is often difficult to find a device that can be used for longterm remote video surveillance that will easily blend into an office or workshop scenario. The Junction Box WiFi Camera certainly fits this criteria and can often provide the perfect solution in a variety of circumstances.

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